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Ligurian Bees

I first discovered Ligurians in NSW when a swarm from a nearby commercial apiary had made a hive.

I was very impressed with the vigour and production from these darker Ligurian bees.  After some investigation, I learned that the pedigree had come from Kangaroo Island. Our business is a natural outworking of my interest in bees, apiaries and all things honey-like.

Kangaroo Island is protected by an Act of South Australian Parliament  in 1886 and now it is the only place in the world that still has the pure strain of Ligurian bees, now protection by the Apiaries Act of 1931 as well. Kangaroo Island is free of American Foul Brood (AFB), English Foul Brood (EFB) and Small Hive Beetle and because the hives are so healthy they are able to overcome wax moth and chalk brood.


A ban on the use of antibiotics in the management of Ligurian bees is in place in order to protect the sanctuary status or Kangaroo Island, which has been in place since 1886 by State Government statute.

The Varroa Mite has not yet arrived in the southern parts of Australia, so Kangaroo Island provides an ideal environment for raising queen bees, producing delicious honey and collecting healing propolis from the flowers of a wide range of native vegetation.